Contact Your Elected Officials


City Council District 14

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke

100 N. Holliday Street, Room 550

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Office Phone: 410-396-4814


City Council District 12

Councilman Robert Stokes

100 N. Holliday Street, Room 523

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Office Phone: 410-396-4811



Neighborhood Liaisons are representatives of the Mayor and the City Council President. They will work with communities to address concerns and assist with projects. They are also great resources if you have a concern and you’re not sure who to turn to with it. Remington is also divided amongst Council Districts 12 and 14 and those representative council members are listed as well. You can contact them directly, or go through GRIA. We’re happy to help! You can email

Mayor’s Office

Neighborhood Liaison, NW Baltimore

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods

City Hall, Room 250

100 N. Holliday Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

(410) 396-4735 (office)