Trash Removal

Keeping our community clean takes everyone’s help! Here’s what you can do to assist.


Bulk Trash

Bulk trash can be taken to the Sisson Street drop off center at 2840 Sisson Street. For residents without vehicles, GRIA works with the City of Baltimore to bring trash dumpsters to the neighborhood for bulk trash removal four times a year. If you see trash dumped illegally (left in an alley or in a vacant lot), please call 311 for removal.

2019 Community Dumpster Days

All events are 9 am-11:30 am (or until the dumpster is full!).

Bring items from your house or backyard. Meet at the dumpster at 8:45 am to join a crew to help your neighbors! We’ll have teams with a truck roaming through the neighborhood to pick up items for people who can’t transport them on their own. Call Bill for a pickup: 443-799-7446

March 23 – 26th & Huntingdon – train tracks under billboard

June 15 – 23rd & Hampden – Across from Icehouse (tall brick building)

August 10 –  26th & Huntingdon – In front of Church on Huntingdon

October 19 – 30th & Huntingdon – Alongside Church on 30th


Street Sweeping

The City’s street sweepers are scheduled to come through the neighborhood twice a month. Odd sides of the street will be swept on the first Wednesday of the month and even sides will be swept on the second Wednesday. Please make sure to move your cars to accommodate the street sweepers.


Alley Sweeping

Alley sweeping has begun! The City’s first pass through our alleys with their mechanical sweepers occurred in September 2015, but we ask that residents continue to maintain their own alleys between sweepings. Keep trash in bins with lids and store your trash and recycling bins in your yard on non-pickup days.


CSX Train Tracks

GRIA has developed a relationship with CSX and requested that they maintain the fence line along their train tracks. They are now trimming the weeds and brush along the fence four times a year. Please let us know if you notice any issues with the fence or tracks that we should communicate to them! Thank you to GRIA board member Bill Cunningham for his consistent efforts on this initiative over the years!


Litter pickup

GRIA members are encouraged to pick up litter on their own blocks. Our members even created a Facebook page to showcase their litter removal efforts!



Check out the City’s Department of Public Works Clean Guide for details on city trash programs.