Stony Run


Stony Run pathStony Run is an often over-looked but incredibly beautiful stream and pathway system that runs through several neighborhoods, including Remington. According to the Jones Falls Valley Masterplan, which was put to together by a group consisting of the Baltimore Development Corporation, the Baltimore Zoo, the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, the Jones Falls Watershed Association, MTA, Parks and People, Struever Brothers, and Eccles and Rouse, describes Stony Run and makes recommendations as such:

Stony Run, which is a first-order tributary of the Jones Falls Valley, has been partially enclosed, severing the visible connection between these two bodies of water. Like the majority of the Jones Falls Valley, Stony Run suffers from a lack of connections – to Wyman Park and to The Johns Hopkins University, which are both easily reachable by foot or bicycle.

Storm water runoff and substantial amounts of impervous surfaces have created some environmental deterioration that will require close monitoring.


IdeasStony Run

  • Develop a pedestrian and bicycle linkage between Stony Run and Wyman Park.
  • Develop monitoring systems.
  • Continue restoring the health of the river.